Chef Dee Lavigne Is Ready to Take Over New Orleans

With a pastry business, weekly tv cooking spot, and role as SoFab’s education director, Dee Lavigne is in command of her career.

Like many people who find success from hard work, Dwynesha “Chef Dee” Lavigne says yes first, then figures it out on the back end. It’s how she wound up with her own pastry business Deelightful Desserts; how she landed a regular cooking spot on WWL on Sunday mornings; and it’s why she’s the newly named education director of cooking classes at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum (SoFab) in New Orleans.

Lavigne’s baking comes in all kinds of forms, including Deelightful Bites, mini-cake desserts layered with buttercream frosting in flavors with mood board names like wedding cake and chocolate cloud — all served in Instagram-friendly jars. Her sprinkle-covered vanilla cupcakes are a specialty, as are her pretzel nut brownies and chewy chocolate chip cookies. At SoFab, she’ll be leading classes in baking as well as an introduction to Cajun and Creole cuisine course.


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