Introducing the interesting and insightful Dwynesha Lavigne

We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Dwynesha Lavigne. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Dwynesha below.

Hi Dwynesha, thanks for joining us today. Let’s start with important influences in our lives. Is there a historical figure you look up to? One of the historical figures I look up to is Chef Lena Richard. I was first introduced to Chef Richard in 2017 by Elizabeth Williams founder of The Southern Food and Beverage Museum. At our introduction Richard had been deceased for over 65 years. Doing research and speaking with historians I tried to find out as much information about her as I could. Looking at how successful she was over her short lifetime was nothing but impressive. Lena Richard was a chef, cookbook author, restaurant and eatery owner, frozen food entrepreneur, and hosted the first cooking segments live on television from New Orleans, Louisiana. Chef Lena has taught me resilience, dedication, determination, and grit. Lena Richard was a black woman who loved food, her family, her community and she grew up in New Orleans just like me. The greatest heights of her career all happened during segregation and in the Jim Crow South. Her determination has truly been an inspiration in my life and has kept me moving forward to change history and the legacy I will leave for the next Black women not just here in New Orleans but in the world.


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